Hello Tribe,

As someone being in the act of consistent learning, teaching, training, coaching and practice of what makes for success, relevance and peak performance in life I have come to discover different principles and habits that makes this things happen and the different frequency one need to be to operate and experience them.

One of such is that when it’s crowdy look deeper, observe and move in the direction of purpose only and not in general opinion or doings.

What works for ‘A’ may not work for ‘B’ and what works for ‘C’ may be exactly what would work for ‘D’ and what would work for ‘E’ could just be a tweek of what is working for ‘F’.

This is the difference maker that many miss.

Understanding this would help you know that living in the path of purpose and excellently putting in your best per phase and asking how you can be better mile by mile brings a difference to your result and output.

Another comes in 4 deep Questions –

What are you asking?
Who are you asking?
How are you asking?
When are you asking?
Where are you asking from?

Space will not permit me to break this down so much but for example the last one “where you are asking”. Asking from the place is service opens you to more or less channels than another.

Remember the GIGO, garbage in, garbage out statement.

It’s like paying for cables. What you pay for determines the channels you have access to, right?

So the big question today is what are paying? Where, when, how, to whom? etc.

The price often determines the prize eventually.

Let me also introduce you to another principle I have lived by for years which is – The heart and spirit you bring to the room, the relationship, the job, the business, the organization etc matters a lot. It determines what you get from it cos it’s reflective. Also, it has nothing to do with what you meet or how the person is looking or ‘doing’ like we do say.

I remember i dealt with that some 15 years ago when I wrote out some confession and affirmations about this. I remember for 30 days among many other things I say every morning was;

“I carry my own atmosphere everywhere I go, it’s that of joy unspeakable, love, kindness, service, goodness, grace, inspiration, wealth and much more, I am not influenced negatively but anyone I contact is caught by this positively transformational atmosphere….”

There were more things I spoke out back then that is now my reality.

The heart of joy, gratitude and appreciation brings more. Look for something that is working amongst many that may not be working right now and be joyful, grateful and appreciative of it daily.

What are thankful for?

Make it big in your heart and let it be your focus this season. 2023 wll be better and your hands will touch things you never imagined it could touch. Keep paying the price, keep putting in the work in the right direction, at the right pace and do it joyfully too.

PLEASE watch out for the next phase, dimensions and paradigm shift here and on social media handles. We are looking at getting into deeper and more focused relationship based impact session in 2023. Stay closer, be more engaging, open to be/do more and more.

I celebrate you.

Kunle Joe Komolafe
Founder/Intl Director

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3 thoughts on “Hello Tribe,”

  1. Racheal says:

    What am I thankful for? Am thankful for life, grace and sound mind.

  2. 'ISA Abdulfattah F. Almukhlas says:

    It’s a life changing article and impactful as well!

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