Break Out from the Rat Race

Break Out from the Rat Race

The reason many will remain in the circle, unfortunately… it’s called the rat race. Have you asked yourself why it is difficult to break out of a circle year in and year out? It’s because there is still a missing piece that until I got into knowing the things I know today (that is now the foundation of what we share and teach here at The REAL Platform) I remained in that same spot.

That is the same reason why at 21 years many with dreams and aspirations on their 41st birthday are still saying the same things.

Many do not know money is not the problem, but that’s the focus and the goal of the rat race… so they reject what they need in pursuit of what they want but never get it.

Please don’t be that person. Success is not instant. Someone spoke to a world wealthy man rudely saying the way you people who got wealthy overnight behave Bla Bla Bla Bla… so he was thinking the wealthy man will be angry or offended but he wasn’t. So when the guy was done talking the wealthy man replied man “I heard you said overnight” he began laughing out loud and said “that must have been the longest night ever”… “it took me 30 years to make my first million, it may take some lesser but many walk away from what can work in the journey leaving a very few of us in pursuit till we lay our hands on it”. And I added that some are looking for that overnight miracle until they grow old cos they got it all wrong and mixed up.

Dreams are free friends, anybody can have dreams or set goals, anybody can talk if and rant, but it’s the working it through that is the major issue.

I KJK know what it means to be hungry and not know where the next meal will come from, I know what it means to trek your life out till you get a muscle pull, I have been homeless, I have borrowed clothes and shoes to wear.

The day before yesterday I sat in my home office with tears rolling down my cheeks staring at the space and the new 75” TV I bought for the office and few other rooms… you know why?

1. Growing up we use to go and peep at a neighbor’s 21” to watch Sesame Street and tales by the moonlight. And the day my dad bought a TV (on loan), it was like he bought an airplane (my kid sister is here reading this too).

My dad had dreams but he died wishing for it to happen. He loved us so much and wanted the best for us. He will do anything for us. He was religious and prayerful, he was educated too… but guess what, this thing doesn’t answer to all that alone.

At the age of 16, I began reading books like mad, applying the principles day and night. 21 years ago I walked up to a man to be his protege and serve. I understood the spiritual implications that I need to mix with all this too. But most importantly now I know what was missing with my dad and I fixed it. I was in tears cos he isn’t alive to see it begin to work (cos we just starting up) and also for us to talk about it but I also promised myself I will raise many fathers who won’t have to do the same if only they are patient to learn, stay teachable and coachable.

We are a success and good life doctors now cos of the things we have gone through and still going through on another level. This place The REAL Platform is a molding and making center, guiding decisions to right fruition and implementation but again you have to work it out, you have to APPLY the things taught, you have to trust the process. At first and for a while it may not look like it’s working or anything is changing but it’s called staying through, cos every seed depending on how tall it will go will need to build its roots downwards first.

I have at some time past submitted over 300 proposals and not even a call that “we got your proposal” how much more rejecting it… it took a while, I stayed through and it’s just beginning to grow now, cos we are not even close yet.

We are not a motivational place neither am I a motivational speaker, I may have been in time past but now I am all about transformation and change, about the result, about “this is who I was before I met him but look at me now”.

So for those with all the excuses in the world, I can’t read books, I can’t this, I can’t that, do they share money, is there food, I don’t have time, Na money I dey look for, I don’t tire for talks, etc. BREAKING NEWS, nothing will change 10 years and more down the line if they don’t make up their mind to change their thinking about information, knowledge and being mentored/coached, taking personal development, mind revamping, etc seriously. AND It doesn’t have to be The REAL Platform or KJK. They have as they say in the street, borrow themselves brain and sit up to know nothing just happens. This is not a curse but the reality of life repeated over and over again.

So it’s fine, many learn by experience a few learn from the experiences of others and pay the price to get it to come rain or high waters.

You can share this with those kinds of folks as a free gift from your mentor and this founder.

It’s time to change their perspective about life, knowledge, or pursuit of success and go for the real deal which is mental liberation first if not, the rat race is still the longest race on earth, it’s not a good place to be, it could be comfortable until when you begin to clock-in some age then it dawns.

Asking the right questions, talking to the right persons, reading the right books, being in the right company and tribe and many more are a few things they and we need to know first… first things first. Just as no one born went straight into college, rat is how life is. Even at 50, I have seen people learning A, B, C of their field and what they want to be majored in, etc. You notice I didn’t mention success or money cos in between the lines of this is all you’ll need to make life worth living and more.

I rest my case and I hope this helps them when you send it and if not it’s all good too, lol

Have an awesome one.

Much Love.

Kunle Joe Komolafe
Founder, The REAL Platform.

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