Call to Apply: From Idea to a Thriving Business

Call to Apply: From Idea to a Thriving Business

In the year 2020 many businesses were strangled to death. Some that survived were merely gasping for air. No thanks to Covid-19.

2021 was a recovery and strategic repositioning for survivors.

Now it is time to fly high and soar bursting with the right energy, vitality and vigor. 2022 holds a lot of opportunities for businesses but it will be about the survival of the fittest. Yet, only a few know about this and how to stay fit and position themselves in a competitive and fierce business environment.

At the Centre for REAL Impact Int’l, one of our goals is to offer what can give you a competitive edge and advantage in your market.

Beyond that, we want to ensure you have all it takes to bring your dreams to fruition. You do not have to do it alone.

The FIT business training is designed for that purpose.
The FIT business training is a program designed by the Centre for REAL Impact Int’l to support and birth your dreams, start-ups, and businesses.

Application to FIT business is free but highly competitive as the training will provide you with the necessary tools, insight, and mentoring needed to build and thrive.

As part of efforts to ensure participants launch out immediately, three successful candidates with the best business pitch will receive grants and will be eligible for one-on-one business mentoring for 6 months after the training.

Application opens 20th Jan.2022 and closes 30th of Jan. 2022.

To apply, go to and fill out the form.

For enquiries call – +2347044464445 OR send an email to

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