Do What’s Best For You. Not What’s Good!

Do what is best for you and not what is good

This is the problem with many people, they go for what they think is good for them.

The Good seems Good but the Good is not always the Best

There is nothing wrong with going for or doing what you like but the issue is this:

What you like is good for you might not be the best thing for you.

Take for instance;
You like sweet food, junks and sweet drinks… That’s good, but ask yourself if the kind of food and drinks are the best for your health. Do they add better nutritional value to you?

Is the girl/guy you like to date or currently dating, the best for you?????

There is nothing wrong with liking a beautiful lady or a handsome man but does the person have moral and godly values??

The job you are doing presently, you like it because it is convenient but you know it is not the best for you.

The kind of clothes you wear is good for you because they make you look good when you wear them but they expose your body to cold and you know your health conditions.

There is a thin line between what is good for you and what is best for you.

Knowing the difference is good but
taking deliberate steps in going for the best thing is best for you.

It is time to start doing things that are best for you, not just things that are good for you.

Your life does matter.

Live for the best, not for the good

Have a productive day

Ifeoluwa Idowu
National Director

2 thoughts on “Do What’s Best For You. Not What’s Good!”

  1. Doyinmoore says:

    Live for the best and not for the good.
    Thank you sir ☺️

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