FITTbusiness is an acronym that stands to mean From Idea To Thriving Business. It is a program organized by The Center for REAL Impact International and Kunle Joe Komolafe Inc. to support upwardly mobile entrepreneurs and business owners develop the skills and knowledge they need to successfully launch and grow their businesses from scratch.

Applications are always competitive as the training empowers participants with the requisite knowledge, tools, and mentoring needed to thrive in their chosen industries.

Some potential areas of focus include:

Marketing ideas, understanding the market and what drives it, conducting market research, analyzing consumer data, identifying key consumer segments, sales, growth strategies.

Also, Participants learn about brand identity development, brand positioning, digital marketing, legal and Ethical considerations among others.

The top three most successful participants gets a grant/financial support seeds each in addition to 6 months of mentoring.

There are only 100 seats available and applications open on the 24th of January, 2023, and close on the 31st of January.

To participate click the link –


The Fitbiz classes have exposed me to some blind spots in my business and the importance of branding.
The Fittbusiness Training gave me intensive and practical knowledge on how to manage and upscale my business irrespective of economic status. Through seed funding, I have been able to diversify by service delivery and increase revenue. It's important training for every entrepreneur, and worth it.
Most times I find myself going back to the notes to read because you’ll find a different gem each time within the lines I was taught business maturity, sales, and negotiation, understanding my brand, and lots more. The assignments always made me use a lot of my IQ thus making me cross boundaries that I didn’t think I could reach I’m forever grateful for it.
The fittbiz classes have enhanced and expanded my knowledge not only in business There has been improvement in my effectiveness in making decisions, ethics of businesses, learning and unlearning, time management, networking and working without aisle with various people, and above all how to manage money.