How to be Productive in Good and Not So Good Times

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Start time 2023-08-27 08:00
Finished Time 2023-08-27 09:00
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In a world that constantly challenges us with its unpredictable twists and turns, mastering the art of productivity is a skill that shines through both the brightest days and the stormiest nights.

We are excited to invite you to an empowering webinar that will transform the way we approach productivity, whether in moments of triumphs or adversity. Titles “How to be Productive in Good and Not So Good Times”.

Know that the path to success is not a straight line; it’s a dance between highs and lows. Let’s learn to dance gracefully, embracing every rhythm that life presents, so Join us THIS SATURDAY 26th September, 7PM (Nigeria), 2PM USA/EST, 7PM (UK) for a transformative webinar that will empower you to rise above, stay motivated, and conquer your goals – no matter what.

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Together, we will paint a portrait of productivity that adapts, perseveres, and flourishes, illuminating even the darkest corners with the radiant lifts of accomplishment.

See you in the room (Zoom) THIS SATURDAY.