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Start time 2023-01-21
Finished Time 2023-01-21 09:00
Address ZOOM

“The worth of your work is unknown if it remains a best-kept secret.”

You possess virtues and qualities that meet the need of a specific audience. You are not a wandering generality rather you are a meaningful specific, hence the importance of rightly positioning yourself in 2023 than ever before.

I understand that we are in a time and world of multiple competencies. These competencies draw on our credentials, personality traits, acquired skills, information at our disposal, experiences, relationships, etc. but many of these are left to chances and minimum drive, no wonder we have many a mediocre who at the slightest push back, challenges or attack withdraw to their shell over and over again round the 365 days year in and out.

It was Dr. David Oyedepo that once said, “if you live your life to chance you don’t stand a chance.”

At the Center for REAL Impact, our goal is to equip, empower and drive people into visible and noticeable exceptional qualities, to becoming a V.A.P (Value Adding Personality) and not just a V.I.P. (Very Important Personality).

Some ways we achieve this is by organizing webinars, seminars, and Summits aside from our several in-house mentoring, one-on-one, and coaching opportunities.

And yes, we have one of such coming up. Join our peak performance coach, international director/founder, Kunle Joe Komolafe, and plan to attend our webinar THIS SATURDAY, 21ST JANUARY. Link to the ZOOM room, the time (depending on the city and country you are joining in from), and other information are on the flyer.

Look forward to seeing you virtually THIS SATURDAY.

Kindly share and invite your friends over with you.