Hello Tribe,

Success is not cheap. Failure is (just do nothing different), mediocrity is half way to both (just do little, probably same same)… but for us in this tribe, we desire you become much more successful and great in your endeavors.

The difference is “Knowledge,” and this is where we are being positioned as a tribe works to your advantage. Question is,

Are you rightly positioned in the tribe? Are you involved with the tribe? Are you committed to the tribe?

Breaking news and a lot of people wouldn’t want to hear this but things may never get as easy as we imagine it should, but we just have to get tougher.

Before you think “village people” look at the person in the mirror first. As we prepare for 2023, it will remain same same if we don’t put in the work to plan, prepare, process it, present it (to a mentor or accountability partner who would tell you the raw truth) etc.

You have to plan before building. I said so much about this during the recent global webinar which a good number of us missed but it’s available on YouTube.

To build 2023 and not live by “what’s gonna be, gonna be”, then you have to sit down and plan on paper (covering all aspects) and not in your head. And when I say plan I mean PLAN in-depth to the littlest details answering the why, what, when, how, where questions… again I emphasize NOTHING JUST HAPPENS.

If it didn’t work as you desired in 2022, still alive is the reason why you shouldn’t give up on yourself and press in to much more in 2023.

Seek clarity, ask questions, stay teachable, humble to learn and ready to move into action from where you are and with what you have.

I challenge you to Increase CAPACITY to be more, find exposure, think excellence, adequate packaging and intentional Pre and Post presentation. Global thinking and more.

Increase your CAPACITY for growth and become one whom can be referred for that opportunity, job or project at a bigger and larger scale compared to 2022.

Position yourself via service where you are for promotion and visibility for where you want to be. The time to be more is NOW. The time to put in the work and be the definition of “Getting it Done” is now.

I am counting on you at your different forms of expressions and fields to be unique, becoming more knowledgeable and hungry.

As a leader of this tribe, we wouldn’t leave any one behind that is ready to be carried along BUT PLEASE INCREASE YOUR CAPACITY for the 2023 race by opening your mind to learn, to be led, to be corrected, to be pushed beyond limits, to be more exposed, educated, inspired, introduced, to be more disciplined, purposeful and much more.

There is no limit to what we can achieve in 2023. God has done his part, he is yet willing to do much more but are you willing to do your part and stop the excuses and complains of 2022?

Pick up your tools and let’s get to work.

Let the countdown begin…

If you need support with looking into your goals and plans as taught during the last global webinar, reach out and get your details down with the office on +2347044464445

Much love and hugs! Merry Christmas to you and yours

Kunle Joe Komolafe
Founder, The REAL Platform.

One thought on “Hello Tribe,”

  1. Ogbochukwu Victor says:

    Nothing just happens, it takes conscious effort. I will be intentional about building more capacity going forward. Thank you

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