How was your week?

It’s another Friyaaaaaay! Stay Inspired, and get driving that dream and vision against all odds.

Your best days are ahead of you and not behind you.

As I said in this video and in the words of Robert Kiyosaki defining an Asset and Liability.

“He said Asset is anything that brings money to you and Liability is anything that takes money away from you.”

So let’s do the maths…

Could it be the reason why many ask “where did my money go just like that?”.

What are your leakages?

What is taking money out that shouldn’t be?

As little as a Naira or a single dollar is, you have to be intentional about how you spend money and how you receive it too. 

You make income be it small or big income but then have a thousand and one things to buy and “flex”… you want to keep up with the Jones but ‘jonesing’ away the future… lol if there is anything like that.

Be wise… what would happen if you don’t buy it? this should be the first question to ask before spending. 

We are in a generation of spenders but a low drive to bring more in or save. 

You have to be cautious, especially in challenging times like this. I have said this umpteenth time that if it’s not in the budget, it is not for the spending. 

Do you get it? Drop a comment below if you do…

Have a great weekend Tribe and stay connected!

Kunle Joe Komolafe

Intel Director/Founder


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