It’s Fridayyyyy!!! What would you be doing this weekend?

Good morning Tribe,

It’s Fridayyyyy!!! What would you be doing this weekend?

You see success is a combo of a few things such as being at the right place, at the right time, and saying the right words. 

Building the right relationships (not just affirming ones but such that pushes and pulls you higher and challenges you to be and do more regardless of the pain) hard work, innovation, right thinking, right knowledge, and exposure (not just personal development but also getting more certifications no matter how little or going back to school. 

Some of us do this not just for the paper but to meet new folks. 

You might have the knowledge & depth but some certificates will need to be there to open doors to share it), mentorship (who is mentoring you and how often do you touch base), sacrifices (wild ones), consistency, dedication, loyalty (what and who you are loyal to can determine how far you ll go), discipline, focus, persistency, and more. 

It begins with you. 

The pathway is in you… it’s either you discover it or someone right holds your hands to it but eventually,you’ll have to do the walking and working. 

Before looking outside, look inwards.

Stay blessed and keep on keeping on!

Enjoy your weekend.

Much love and regards, 

Kunle Joe Komolafe (KJK)

Founder/International Director

The REAL Platform


4 thoughts on “It’s Fridayyyyy!!! What would you be doing this weekend?”

  1. Ogbochukwu Victor says:

    Before you look outwards,look inwards. It begins with you.
    Thank you for this weekend nuggets

    1. momoh samson says:

      Great piece.

  2. Ozioma Lovelyn says:

    It’s in me. I can do better to be the better. Dedication, consistency and loyalty are keys to open doors.

  3. Chukwuocha Bethel says:

    Been at the right place at the right time is a product of right decision and right thinking.
    Thank you Sir Kjk

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