It’s Time To Tame Your Technology

It’s a known fact that technology will continue to be part of us.

So there is a need to upgrade ourselves and enjoy all it has to offer.

But that is not my focus today.

May I have your attention?



It is making you unproductive in life.

You spend more time pressing your phone than you think.

You spend more time watching reels and snap chat than interacting with people.

You are not giving your best to your job anymore because you barely concentrate.

When people talk to you about it,
You refute them.

Your phone has become your better companion than your spouse.

You would rather hold your phone tight than hug your spouse.

You stay glued to status updates yet you are not cashing out. Not even a dime.

You have no time to study, No time to do the things that will improve your life.

This is affecting your productivity.

It’s Time Tame Your Technology Usage

Give yourself a break.

Get disciplined about how you use it.

Interact more with people.

When you are at work be at work.

When you are at home be at home.

When you are with friends be with your friends.

When it’s family time is with the family.

When it’s time to eat, eat without pressing your phone.

When it’s time to use your device use it well.

Set time for everything you do.

Pay more attention to the important things in your life.

Don’t be carried away by the world of technology

Have a good day and stay productive.

Ifeoluwa Idowu
National Director

5 thoughts on “It’s Time To Tame Your Technology

  1. Folashade says:

    This is talking to me directly. I will tame my technology usage by God’s grace. Thanks for putting this together sir, more grace

  2. Tentijoe says:

    True it’s time make this correct 💯

  3. Martins Omale says:

    This is very insightful. Great content.

  4. Manji Gerald says:

    Great this is so good

  5. Ogbochukwu Victor says:

    Timely message on the moderate use of gadgets. This is worth learning from.

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