How was your weekend?

As we begin a new week, I thought to share this with you.

Note please that the big is in the small.

The orchard is in the seed.

We can turn one win into two and two to four. Four to eight and eight to sixteen.

Make one award or promotion at the office a motivation to do much more next time.

One good client appraisal should become a drive to get two and more for us.

One happy customer should be our link to multiples.

Nothing just happens. I repeat nothing just happens. The breakthrough will rarely meet you in your bedroom or your shell or “I like being in my space” place.

You have to stay hungry and walk away from

anything that would make you stay small.

One of the things or Graces that I have discovered among many is the ability to drive small into much more in people and grateful to see so many of those results lately,

The ability to bridge the gap between dreams and reality. And I am proud of the results in many around.

No one is permitted to stay small around here, no matter how long we stay in the battle ring… that is my motto, years counting.

See Tribe, stop eating your seed and gallivanting over social media quotes that keep you throwing balloons over too little, statement such as “I won’t come and kill myself”. “If I broke my business”. “I can’t do more than I can do” and so many more flying around celebrating mediocrity.

Let’s celebrate the small wins and let them inspire us to want to do more and push some more.

If we don’t know what we are running towards yet (which we will by association here though) but at least let’s know what we are running away from and don’t let the cycle repeat itself.

For the sake of bread and fish, to go by the day we stay in our zone and drop our zeal to be and do more.

Even if it all seems like nothing is going to work, keep at it till you have no more strength in you to do it.

Keep applying, keep selling, keep marketing, keep sending it out there.

That’s the REAL Tribe spirit.

Most of the time, just maybe the last strike is what will burst the pipe open forever for us and our generation to come but then we walk away after a few try and go back to our shell and then after a while starts all over again… we have stopped that now and let’s make the remaining months of 2022 count for something.

There is no such thing as “This is me” … It’s a big lie cos no one was born with it.

You picked them from relationships, negative vibes that looked like what you needed but weren’t.

We picked them up growing up and then they became a stronghold on our minds that has now taken over much space in our life.

Change is the only constant in life and you can CHANGE that paradigm today.

You can decide one day at a time to change that habit and daily ritual, killing your dream and future, stopping you in your tracks, and then begin picking up that which makes and builds associations, books, and an organization like this that inspire one to be who he is she is meant to truly be.

Don’t let life cave you in total, you own it dear. So own it and fight for it. Let’s stretch and push harder and stronger.

There is always more and more if you try and try some more and more.

There is always a higher level if you see it and keep striving for it.

Who are your friends?

Who are you hanging out in desiring to massage your ego, status, and lifestyle?

Who is mentoring you?

What conversations are you often involved with?

What books, music, and movies are you exposing your mind to?

No one can challenge you more than you will yourself.

Hence my recent push that we can’t be entitled anymore in the generation and time.

We have to be mentored right, challenged right, and shown the path that leads to greatness.

Do you know all you need times is just an innovative and creative approach to something that already exists?

Maybe it’s just a diversion to what you think you are used to already.

Maybe a new path needs to be created that comes with absolute focus, guidance, and sweat.

Sit down and ask yourself more questions than you are currently asking or get us to talk and drive in more questions together?

It might not be fun though and you might want to walk away but one stand I have taken after over 20 years of mentoring and leading people is not to hold back what makes for success in another come rain or high waters.

(Isn’t that why this is a tribe?)

Most often we focus on money as the reason why we ain’t moving more than we should but the big question I always ask is what have you done with the one you had?

Currently, have?

The last promotion, the last client, the last product, the last call, the last testimonial, the last product, the last referral… What did you do with it?

And what will you do with it?

Last week I was in a talk with someone who said to me that she marketed the same product for 3 years before her first sale and used the same picture for over a year before her first sale of that product that has become a best seller for her today…

She said humility to be out there with her services and products regardless of what anyone thought has made her the go-to lady today and opened other streams of income netting her millions now after years of pushing and fighting.

But it began with one and a mind that said “I die here pushing”.

Wake up and smell the coffee.

Motivation is not what you need as much as you need DISCIPLINE, PERSISTENCE, and HUMILITY.

Maybe we need to be more disciplined than we are. Not more advice and talks cos you are already a bundle of too many you never used.

Maybe what you need now is those “crazy words” from a mentor and coach who wouldn’t look at your tears or discomfort but focus on you ensuring that the tape is chested.

The season is upon you dear. If not now, when?

Stop hiding under all excuses that don’t count.

The world is moving? Things are getting tougher and like I said recently to someone that tough times will be on the increase generally, but will give way for tough people who make up their minds to become tougher than it.

Look inward more than you are looking outwards.

You’ve looked outward long enough… it begins with you.

YOU are the one holding yourself back. I have come to see by my life and story that the outwards only respond when you have done your job inwards first and thoroughly.

There is more to say but then, for now, digest this and ACT. The journey of a thousand miles begins with a STEP first traced and then pushed forward stronger.

We will be having a global webinar this month’s end at The Center for REAL Impact and you don’t want to miss it alongside your friends and loved ones… watch out for the flyers.

This is The Center for REAL Impact and you won’t be left behind in this journey to success and significance.

Do you get the message?

Have an awesome week ahead.

Kunle Joe Komolafe

Intel Director/Founder



  1. Ogbochukwu Victor says:

    “For the sake of bread and fish, to go by the day we stay in our zone and drop our zeal to be and do more” Resounding and profound statement. Thank for sharing this

  2. Ogbochukwu Victor says:

    “For the sake of bread and fish, to go by the day we stay in our zone and drop our zeal to be and do more” Resounding and profound statement. Thank you for sharing.

  3. Buhari Mahmud Isah says:

    “Maybe we need to be more disciplined than we are. Not more advice and talks cos you are already a bundle of too many you never used”
    Hmmmmmm………….I’m simply speechless, too much to learn and most importantly, ACT on.
    Thanks so much for this piece sir.

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