Money Monday

Hello Tribe,

What a way to start the MONEY MONDAY series for 2023. Let’s all strap in, get to work with these weapons unveiled on #moneymonday, and keep winning the battle over your finances.

There’s so much in store for us this year as mentioned in this video but most importantly, fold your sleeves and get to putting in the work.

Now you know, so what’s next? Have you thought about it yet? You have been earned full access in this tribe, so what’s next for you? What are you going to do about it?

Results! Results!! Results!!! Stop the complains and the explaining things out. Against all odds, get into the rings and keep the fight on.

Plan a shift, a change, move to the next level, ask questions, make moves, mentally first then externally. It’s not over until you win.

Counting on you…

Cheering you on…

Calling you out cos I know we are more than who we think we are?

Drop a comment if you participated in yesterday’s #MoneyMonday event. Looking forward to hearing from you

Kunle Joe Komolafe
Founder/Int’l Director.

3 thoughts on “Money Monday”

  1. Ogbochukwu Victor says:

    Results are there to prove that knowledge applied works. Will keep putting in the work.
    Thank you Sir

  2. Dorathy says:

    Against all odds, rise Dorathy and keep showing up!

  3. Juliet Itodo says:

    Money is mine to make, keep, Multiply and spend wisely.

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