Speaking Things Into Existence

As she is the definition of speaking things into existence, Tobi said “Speak it into existence”.

Friends, you often might be close to throwing in the towel but hang in there, rather than throw it in, use it to wipe your sweat and tears. 

Stay in the ring fighting through, don’t be the one to quit. 

Let your motto be that you’ll rather die making the effort than walk away into oblivion and mediocrity.

A lot of things come to play here, and I have emphasized this for the umpteenth time… such as the friends you keep, what voice you hear the most daily, what you watch, how you use your phone, what books you read, what moves you make, your daily rituals, etc. affects who you are becoming unconsciously or consciously.

Dream it, Visualize it, but importantly too, speak it consistently even if what you are experiencing or where you are currently looking is contrary. 

Do not stop saying it and work hard daily towards it. It might delay but it will surely come to pass in time.

Kunle Joe Komolafe

Intel Director/Founder


2 thoughts on “Speaking Things Into Existence”

  1. Dorcas Carrington says:

    This is inspiring sir, thank you for always being a mentor in our time of great storm.
    I will keep speaking it into existence until it manifest physically.

  2. Dumi says:

    Dream it, Visualise it…?

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