Growing up in Nigeria, Africa, when two people are in a sort of discussion and it seems as though one is beginning to talk about his strength or what he or she is capable of doing? The other party, times would out of challenge or anger ask “Who you be?” (A pidgin English way of saying who are you.)

This weekend, i challenge you to sit down with yourself and answer the question genuinely WHO AM I?

But recently over and over I have found myself ask ‘me’ that question… cos atimes saying it un English doesn’t carry the force and challenge it should… lol.


I am as smart and as creative as I need to be for the purpose in which I was created; If I would have needed more, He (My maker) would have given me more; He gave me what I needed for the purpose I was given per time, But none of that will be significant until I value who I am and what I have been called to.

Most people need validation from others to appreciate where they are; So they give up their ‘real purpose’ to pursue a purpose that draws attention because they are living off the accolades of others only because they never clap for themselves.

This weekend, I challenge you to sit down with yourself and answer the question genuinely WHO AM I, (Hellloooo, I didn’t say what is your name or what do you do for a living, I said WHO ARE YOU?). When that is settled, a whole lot about your life has been settled.
To be continued!!!
Do have a great weekend.

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